Mailchimp is a powerful email marketing campaign software

Mailchimp is powerful email marketing campaign software

This simple guide to Email Metrics will help you determine the difference between your click rates and open rates, which is vital when measuring your Email marketing success.

Whether running a single email list for a small business or a multiple segmented campaign using a large email service, understanding the metrics or analytics from your email campaigns helps you determine how your email campaign is performing.

Open Rate
The total number of times that the email has been opened, some emails may be opened more than once.

Unique Open Rate
The number of unique times that your email campaign has been opened. For example your campaign has been opened by 60 people out of 100 which equates to 60 unique opens, however the email may have been opened by some more than once leading to a higher Open Rate.

Click Through Rate
A click through is the process of clicking on the link or links within the campaign email – the click through rate would be the total amount of times that a link has been clicked, this is normally presented as a percentage.

Unique Click Through Rate
The number of unique click throughs that your campaign has received.

Click to Open Rate
The percentage of receivers who click through to your website compared to the number who have opened the email. This determines if the content within you email is working effectively; is it offering enough incentive for people to click through to your lead generation or sales page.

Bounce Rate
The bounce rate is the number of emails that have not been delivered or have been rejected by the receiver’s server.

Marked as Spam rate
How many emails from your campaign have been marked as spam.

Unsubscribe Rate
How many people have unsubscribed from your email.

Delivery rate
The total number of emails that have been delivered

Forwarding/Sharing rate
The number of times that your email has been shared with others – this is a good indicator that your content is really hitting home if it receives a high forwarding or share rate.

Conversion Rate
The all important conversion rate – normally represented as a percentage, the conversion rate determines how successful your campaign has been at converting to sales or bookings.

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